Yesterday, I walked out into the freezing rain and instantly felt tired. The cold made me angry. The sky was dark and grey and sad. When I cannot see the sun, I forget that it is there. I am reminded of all the suffering in the world. I feel it seeping into my bones along with the damp. And then, like a tiny miracle, I heard the children in the school yard across the street laughing. Playing in the drizzle with obvious delight. And snap. It hit me. There is also joy. Maybe there is always joy. If newtons law is correct, and for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction, then perhaps for every ounce of anguish, there is an equal amount of rejoicing. It becomes far too easy to focus on the dis-ease. On the hurt, the loss, the injustice. But what if, for every instance of trauma, there is also someone, somewhere experiencing a moment of hope? Every second of torture equal to every moment of comfort. Tears of joy as plentiful as tears of pain. Maybe not for the same person, at the same time. But across this splendid universe, there is magic happening every minute of every day. This is not to say that we ignore the suffering. But it is important to also remember, that hearts are often mended, addicts get sober, families can heal, and love wins. Love always wins. And there is also, always joy.

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